About Us


Key Farmers Cameroon is a non-governmental IMG_1632organization with the mission
of promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development. Key Farmers Cameroon is an umbrella organization of 50 autonomous farmer groups and 1,200 members. Members come from 25 different villages in the South West region of Cameroon. As a rural development organization, our aim is to support the efforts of our members who are involved in environmentally sound community grassroots projects for health, water, food security, bio-diversity conservation and women’s empowerment. By pooling these efforts, we further the fight against hunger, poverty, child malnutrition and social inequality in our households and communities. Our strategy includes participatory agricultural outreach, training and research activities.

Key Farmers Cameroon has also created a subsidiary micro finance institution to meet the financial needs of farmers and small business owners within rural communities of Cameroon. For more information on Key Farmers Savings & Loans Microfinance Cooperative Limited please visit their website at www.kefaccul.wordpress.com



IMG_2626Key Farmers Cameroon achieves its goals by strengthening young community farmer groups and individuals through capacity-building techniques and by stimulating innovations that empowers them in boosting agricultural production and income, thereby fulfilling their dreams of hunger and poverty alleviation in their households and communities.




Specific Objectives

  • Help provide solutions to problems existing in the local agricultural system
  • Provide good quality and affordable agricultural education to children and youths
  • Acquire and provide high-yielding seedlings, better tools and other inputs to farmers.
  • Prevent rural – urban exodus by assisting youths to embark on environmentally sound projects.
  • Assist poor and disadvantaged families take active part in community development
  • Empower rural women and assist them to come up with small enterprise development projects, to improve their conditions.
  • Educate members on financial management and set up a microfinance for farmers



Key Farmers was created in 2004 by its foundingIMG_7572 President- Etchi Daniel Jones. The aim of the organization is to mobilize resources and provide capacity-building through training and demonstration in order to enable members to come up with sustainable community projects in agriculture, safe- drinking water, agro-forestry, natural resource management, education etc. The organization includes specialists in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock and microfinance as well as other domains. These experts reach out in our target rural communities to empower and help farmers help themselves.